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and i know where my heart belongs, in the center of your arms

lips hips and disjointed elbows

__*&#Miss Ann Thrope
24 April

i'm nothing more than a bleeding artist. i thrive off paint brushes and canvas with just a room, paint, pens, pencils, charcoal, and brushes.
The evil kitty loaf shall invade Livejournal!

http://www.aperfectcircle.com/bodies.html this has to be the BEST SITE EVER!!!!!!!

::songs for a mix tape::
less than jake, good clean fun, marilyn manson, my chemical romance, matchbook romance, armor for sleep, yeah yeah yeahs, every time i die, cralde of filth, fallen stars, planes mistaken for stars, left over crack, chokeing victim, tanted earth, screatching weasle, pennywise, rancid, bad religion, I against I, 311, osker, hallow image, ten foot pole, agnostic front, ZEKE, H20, delemas, NOFX, ALL, sex pistols, arch enemy, H100s, Charels Bronson, Rammstien, Life Of Agony, Beatles, alkaline trio, U2, ani difranco, Jackson Brown, VOO-DOO glow SKULLS radiohead, jimmy eat world, type o negative, tool, kings of nothing, forces of evil, dropkick murphys, refused, 88 fingers louie, MISFITS, dirty larry, alkaline trio, silverchair, bjork, canable corpse, the doors, techno, yellow card, soul asylum, nirvana, slayer, suicide machines, emporer, depeche mode, dimmu borgir, mortal combat soundtrack, pink floyd, ect

forgive me while i bleed all over you